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We believe in giving a new life to all that you might consider waste. Our team of skilled women utilizes each and every bit of waste and turns them into creative products. Shop from our latest collection of quirky range of upcycled merchandise and take a step towards sustainability.

Funk your Junk

Wondering what to do with all that waste piling up?

Reach out to us and we will work with you closely on ideas to upcycle your waste/discards by giving them a new life through repurposing. We have worked with many customers, organizations and clothing brands to upcycle their old discards into utility products thus fostering a circular model and zero-waste system

Zero Waste Events

Don’t know how to organize your very own plastic-free event/party?

We are here to help! Use Me Works offers creative alternative décor options which are waste-free and upcycled. We have executed several installations that have been featured at some of the most premium locations and were recognized as major attractions for the unique blend of creativity and sustainability.

Upcycling Workshops

We conduct workshops/seminars for corporates, schools and public to raise awareness and educate them about waste management. Since 2018 we have taken workshops of over 7,000 people. Our workshops are fun, informative and engaging, and help to change their approach towards waste, making conscious choices and learning to upcycle their own waste.

A Glimpse into our work

The below video was covered by NDTV for our work on sustainability and providing eco-friendly solutions. 


Experimenting with what can be easily thrown away. Such is an intent of urban artist Meenakshi Sharma. It feels lucky to have attended one of the Workshops to discover waste is only a mindset. If you are reading so far and wanting to challenge your creativity with a selfless cause to contribute towards sustainability, contact Meenakshi and you will come back to say Thank you :)

Mayank Goyal

I am really happy to have discovered Use Me Works at Dastakar. I am a sustainable living enthusiast and Use Me Works products are nothing but joy. I have got customised name bunting made for my nephews and nieces, masks for my entire family, customised cloth toys for kids and recently some genda phool for diwali. The finishing is top class and utmost care is given to how the product looks. Keep up the good work!

Niki Singh

I love UseMeWork products and have ordered from them several times. The first thing I bought from them was a bunting to decorate my study table! I was really impressed by the finish of the product and since then I have bought many other things like dreamcatchers, bags and potlis from them. Each product is really well done and the quality is superb! Highly recommended!

Rachit Chain

Recently attended one of Meenakshi’s workshop and had an amazing experience. Absolutely loved it! Everybody should attend her workshop once in their lifetime!
Beautiful girl building a beautiful brand.

Kriti Pant

Everything is really beautiful..I love how colorful the purse is and toys for the kid. I also really like the ethos of upcycling to reduce waste and make beautiful things for the home. The customer service is also really great.

Junie Michel

Meenakshi and her team are doing a great job in providing sustainable options. Love their ideas on customized decor and personalized accessories. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for conscious fashion.

Akanksha Saxena

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