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A Glimpse into our work

The below video was covered by NDTV for our work on sustainability and providing eco-friendly solutions. 

Decor and workshops

Eco-Friendly Events

Events are a major source of pollution by single-use plastic decors. Our eco-friendly decor helps people to reduce burden on our landfills and break the monotony of regular decorations.

Group Workshops

Working and creating something innovative with hands is a great stress buster. Enabling a group of people to make fun stuff is truly enjoyable.

Green Twist

The message on sustainability has to be loud and clear. We collaborate with organizations and corporates to provide eco-friendly for their events and employee engagement activities.

School Workshops

Taking workshops for school kids is one of the most satisfying things. Instilling a seed of sustainability at young age makes a great foundation. We have been grateful to provide workshops to some of the leading private and government schools.

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