We have been recently covered by India's premier media channels/newspapers. NDTV did a story on us as a part of their clean India initiative. The story gives an insight into how Use Me Works is giving a creative spin to upcycle more than 200kgs of waste every month. Here is the link to the article - 


The New Indian Express also did a full page story on Use Me Works in their special Sunday edition, The Sunday Standard. The story gives a narrative into my personal journey of setting up Use Me Works and how I set up a workspace where a group of women work together on waste management. Article link -


In recognition of our work on upcycling and sustainable living, I was invited as a panelist on smart cities India 2018. I was presented with a memento for our work on solving the plastic waste crisis. You can watch our presentation from 1:31:25 to 1:41:00 on


We have been previously covered in other newspapers and magazines such as The Tribune (Indian English-language daily newspaper), Delhi Diary (Capital's local guide), M.Y.O.D (a youth magazine that guides, mirrors, and informs young people to take charge of their destinies). Apart from these media portals, we have also been covered by a few nature enthusiasts and foundations who run their popular blog/vlog channels. All of them covered us on our work on upcycling and contribution towards building a sustainable environment.

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